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Reiki & Massage

Reiki & Massage Services

Relaxation Massages are performed by estheticians. RMT receipts not available.

Reiki energy encourages emotional and physical healing. Let our Reiki Practitioner use their palm healing technique through this treatment to heal your mind, body and soul. Zen out in this energy infused service including Tingsha Bells, Chakra Stones and Breathing Exercises.

This deeply revitalizing treatment uses aromatherapy and relaxation massage techniques to release stress out of tension-bound muscles and includes a detailed arm and hand massage to relieve computer fatigue. Choose from our four Aromatic Alchemy blends of exotic herbs and essences featuring ingredients such as warm and spicy Cardamom, hypnotic Neroli, clarifying Balsam Fir and energizing Holy Basil to re-boot the body and the mind.

Using your choice of Esau's Mocha Sugar or Tea Leaf Scrub to exfoliate the back area, this exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and increase circulation during your massage. Can be added to either the 55 min or 25 min Stress Release Massage.